Resolve to be MAD COOL - New Year's Edition

Dr. Turner
Dr. Turner

This year let’s Resolve to be MAD COOL!

MAD COOL people are empowered, fit (mentally and physically), and resilient. January is coming to an end. How are those New Year's Resolutions going? How many of you fell off the resolution wagon and into a ditch on January 2nd??

Fear not. Help is on the way! Change is a PROCESS. Not something that happens when the clock strikes midnight into a New Year. Why? Because it's a New Year, but the Same You, unless you take deliberate steps to change, and change takes time, effort, and support.

Resolve to be MAD COOL! – New Year’s Edition, is a free, online seminar I'm offering to help us to stick to our resolutions and reach our goals this year.

The first part of the zoom meeting will include a presentation. The second part will be discussion and coaching on your goals.

So, Are You Ready to be MAD COOL?

Let’s get to steppin’ into a more empowered, resilient 2022!

Dr. Jennifer Turner

What Will You Learn
  • How to create specific, actionable resolutions
  • How to develop a plan to support execution of those actions
  • How to be resilient even when life throws you a curve ball that can throw you off course
Dr. Turner
Dr. Turner

Hi Everyone! I'm the founder of MAD COOL FITNESS! I believe everyone has the power to be healthy if given the right tools and information. My saying is Brain + ..