There's fit and then there's MAD COOL F.I.T. (Fitness Integration Training)!

MAD COOL F.I.T.  is the ultimate health behavior change program which integrates your mental and emotional fitness and behaviors to help you achieve the body and good health you want.

MAD COOL F.I.T. is not just a program, but a comprehensive behavior-science based, methodical approach to your mental, physical, and behavioral health. 

Brain + Behavior = Body

MAD COOL F.I.T. helps you to: 

Learn how to be healthy for good.

Stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting and achieve MAD COOL FITNESS, unconditional, empowered fitness! You will engage in healthy behaviors no matter what life throws your way. 

Build resiliency!


MAD COOL F.I.T. is also  based on Dr. Jennifer Turner's personal wellness journey as someone who struggled with weight and an eating disorder and has now been healthy for over twenty years. She is the first successful case study of MAD COOL F.I.T. You will learn in 12 weeks what it took her to learn in 20 years and a doctorate to learn.


What you get when you get MAD COOL F.IT.:

  • 12 live semi-private heath coaching sessions led by Dr. Jennifer Turner via Zoom in a group of 4-6 people. Your CREW.
  • The first 8 sessions go over emotional, behavioral, and environmental assessments; creating your Healthy Life Vision, creating your Healthy Lifestyle Plan
  • The last 4 weeks will be you putting your plan into action and getting support in executing your plan.
  • Included in MAD COOL F.I.T. is an app powered by Mighty Networks you can use on mobile or desktop that includes the course modules with worksheets. In this app, you will get access to the private MAD COOL FITNESS CREW support group that is only for people who are taking or have taken MAD COOL F.I.T.
  • After you take MAD COOL F.I.T. you will always have access to the app to review the modules and for  ongoing support.

 It’s time to stop the cycle of cray and get MAD COOL F.I.T. today!

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