About MAD COOL Eats

MAD COOL FITNESS is partnering with registered dietician, Constance Brown-Riggs and the LivingPlateRX platform, to bring you MAD COOL Eats, a nutrition resource that provides you with meal plans and grocery lists to support the nutrition component of your healthy lifestyle system.

Access to MAD COOL Eats is included in the MAD COOL FITNESS online studio membership. Sign up for the MAD COOL FITNESS Meal Plan on LivingPlateRX and use the promo code MAD COOL FITNESS sent to you at checkout.

Connie is an award-winning registered dietician, educator, and author who has been counseling people and communities on healthy eating and living with diabetes for decades. Connie is a nutrition expert for everyone, but she has established herself in particular as an expert in nutrition, diabetes, and the cultural issues that impact the health and health care of people of color.

She can also deadlift some serious weight :-)!

Connie is MAD COOL!

For more on Connie please check out her site Eating Soulfully.

So sign up and let's get your healthy food thing together.

As an additional service, if you would like one-on-one coaching with Connie not included in your membership, you can purchase these sessions under a la carte services.

If you have questions about private nutrition coaching with Connie, please email us at:

madcoolfitness@gmail.com with the subject line: NUTRITION COACHING.

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